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CP&Co Alliance Proposal


With the aim of being able to provide an alternative solution to traditional positioning strategies, brand presence in social networks and the optimization of economic resources that digital strategies imply. Seeing as a necessity, in these times of pandemic, the use of digital platforms as the best means to spread a message and how demanding these could be, we know that in the midst of difficulty lies opportunity and we are seeking to present a  excellent proposal for  ____________________ and thus complement efforts between companies to strengthen what is highly necessary these days  to grow in the market, valuable visual content to generate something of great impact in your positioning strategies.  


We are looking for long-term relationships that strengthen the reputation, improve the perception of the company  and increase the value delivered as well as analyzing the possibility of penetrating the Mexican market through alliances with local companies that allow us to reach the target market as well as in geographically close markets. 

We think that your company can be an ideal partner for this project since we know the reputation and contacts that they have in the sector.

On the other hand, the Digital Needs that both companies require, both from a productive and commercial point of view.

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Our differential value is based on a new business vision, more multidisciplinary, with more transcendence of the human factor and with a more global scope, but above all in the creation of synergies and alliances to achieve success.  


Our mission consists of: Uniting people, adding companies and transmitting incredible experiences

- In order to let you know about our activities, we enclose a catalog of the product that we offer in the social network market, and for more information, you can visit our website at

Offered Alliance Modality


Through this Alliance we seek to be able to offer Your Brand  the possibility of taking advantage of the productions and activities that CP&Co is carrying out and thus  generate new activities (trips, adventures and experiences)  together , always aligning ourselves with that vision that we both share. In this way they will be able to obtain a production of content solely focused on Your Brand (Video and Photography) that will be generated during the filming of the content that we are making for Carlo Paolo & Co, this with the purpose of making the Production a multipurpose activity that benefits and that we can take advantage of for both contents. 

Said like this and emphasizing our final purpose, we seek that under this modality Your Brand  You can optimize the production costs that could be generated to develop your content and at the same time be an opportunity to scale the quality of your visual proposal on networks for a very beneficial cost.  

As we have already mentioned, our goal is to enhance the activities, strategies and marketing actions that you are currently carrying out, supported by the development of our valuable content, creatively and, above all, optimizing the allocation of resources and although it is optional, helping you to explore and penetrate new markets.


 From this point of view, this alliance seeks to strengthen the following aspects:

     Proposal 1

  1. Reduce production costs of Digital Content 

  2. Project a better quality in the content of Your Brand

     Extension of the Proposal (Optional)

  1. Reduce production costs of Digital Content and project better quality content

  2. Add commercial, marketing or logistics efforts.

  3. Expand the distribution options through which the company markets its products/services through the official CP&Co Instagram page

  4. Expand geographic coverage, reaching markets previously neglected due to lack of presence or local service  via the official CP&Co Instagram page

  5. Have a presence and strengthen the image of the brand, via joint communication campaigns  through the official Instagram page of CP&Co.

Our Market Study

We carry out a market study locally and nationally in order to know what the production costs are.  of different companies, finding a point in common between all of them. The high prices for excess staff and props required for production (Production staff, Production assistants, Dolly, Lighting staff, wireless monitors, 5K cameras, stage set construction, special props, etc.)  which generates probably unnecessary expenses, especially for the digital media and social networks that require a lot of perseverance, being that way it would become unsustainable.

The following table shows a short list of quotes from different video production companies that were sent to us when we quoted some of the videos we offer, in order to make a brief comparison .  with the costs that we have.


Under this situation, CP&Co seeks to optimize the production expenses of YOUR COMPANY by making them part of one of our productions where we only use the key and necessary production resources together with accessible but high-impact activities, as the best content creators do on Instagram and Youtube. (Peter Mckinnon, Matti Happoja, Sam Kolder, Frauki, Tom Kahler, Aaron Brimhall, Morgan Oliver Allen) , maintaining incredible visual quality in all aspects and, above all, very convenient costs in relation to the final content we offer.

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Considerations that we offer to Your Brand


The tangible product that Carlo Paolo & Co offers back to the counterparty is:


  • A deliverable video focused 100% on Your Brand 

  • a set of 10  photographs focused 100% on your brand






CP&Co  It will generate its own content where THE BRAND will have a presence and where it will be mentioned and labeled, this with an extra cost of $ Optional Cost Mx  That will be used in the form of SPONSORSHIP, cost (Investment)  which will be entirely destined to the promotion of publications through INSTAGRAM ADS, making a detailed segmentation to the specific public to which the brand is destined.


  • A deliverable video focused 100% on Your Brand

  • a set of 10  photographs focused 100% on your brand 

  • Posting of the video Deliverable + Label and Mention of Your Brand + Advertising guideline and detailed segmentation

  • Posting of CP&Co Photographs including your brand (As shown in the example below) 

  • Posting of 2 reels with viral format including the brand

  • All posts include Mention and tag on Instagram

  • payment reinvested in  advertising pattern in the published content. (SPONSORSHIP)


The guidelines of the videos are subject to the conditions that each social network requires in order to publish content. Instagram / Tik Tok 1-3 min  Reels 30 sec.


Example of our Value Proposition Extension (Optional)

triple imagen.jpg


Now more than ever, companies are starting to allocate more of their marketing budget to advertising with content creators around the world and getting their products featured in the marketing material others produce that they would otherwise have have to pay an outside production team or do it on your own.


If a brand chooses to give a Content Creator a long-term Instagram sponsorship, they can now grow with that Creator. If in the first month of advertising the Creator  had 10,000 followers, and two months later the influencer has 30,000, now that brand is getting exposure to 20,000 more followers than they initially thought they were getting.

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