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Medium Tattoo

Opiniones y comentarios, calificaciones del trabajo

Price: $2,900mxn ($145 usd)      

Ink: Black (one color)

Size: 12 x 12 cm maximum


Our medium tattoo range are sized between 8 to 12 cm with a higher level of detail and design. We use shadowing on base lines like you see in our examples. We can also do a certain level of realism in the design where the shadowing or filling mix delicately, bringing more life to your tattoo.
When you select and book your medium tattoo you receive another 6 cm tattoo completely free!!    (Special offer valid only on the same person).

It is important to remember to make your deposit so you can chat with our tattoo artists and discuss important details of your next tattoo. Once the deposit is done, we will send you an email with your confirmation and our direct contact link so we can get in touch with you. In this chat we will go over all the important details and questions you may have on your tattoo. In any case you wish to not go forward with the tattoo, we offer a full refund on your deposit.

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