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Investing in video marketing can be extremely rewarding, but at the same time, it can be a costly, time consuming and risky investment. Especially if it's your first video project and you're depending on outside help to produce your content. We've found that the key to helping content marketers minimize those risks is to have a basic understanding of the video production process.

I offer three standard packages for small business, influencers, social media etc. based on finished runtime and shooting time:

Total Runtime                   Shooting Time                            Total Cost

1 minute                          3 hours                                   $599

2 minutes                         5 hours                                   $999

4 minutes                         8 hours                                   $1199


All of these packages include full editing services, basic motion graphics, concept video treatment and script, professional voiceover, on-location  or in-studio shoot, and video format to prepare for upload.


*royalty-free soundtrack is not included  


the  three key stages to video production,  are “Pre-Production”, “Production” and “Post-Production”.  

  • Pre-Production – Before you film

  • Production – While you're filming

  • Post-Production – After you've filmed


Pre-production: 4 hours

Production: 3 hours

It's during this part of the production process where your pre-production efforts will really begin to pay off. But it's also important to keep in mind that a lot of critical things need to take place during this stage before you hit the record button.

·  Set and Subject Lighting

·  Preparation and Makeup 

·  Audio and Narration Set-up

·  Filming and Directing

Postproduction:  16 hours

The final stage of the video production process is the “Post-Production” stage and includes things like preparing the footage, editing it and then adding things like on-screen motion and titling, background music and sound FX.

  • Footage Logging

  • Initial Edit – Rough Cut

  • Second Cut – If Needed

  • Sound Design

  • Motion and Titling

  • Color correction

  • final cut

This is the part of the process when all of the different footage you have captured is reviewed, perfected and assembled together to tell your company's story.


Searching Royalty Free music for professional videos ( 2 hours)

  • StandardAll productions without marketing spend $99

  • Social MediaBoosted posts on social media $499

  • Online Advertisements, NationalNational advertisements distributed online $999

  • Online Advertisements, GlobalGlobal advertisements distributed online $1,499

  • All Media, NationalNational advertisements distributed via any media $1,999

  • All Media, GlobalGlobal advertisements distributed via any media $2,999


On average, video production costs between  $880  and  $1200 countrywide. Video production cost is based on a few factors, including the total runtime of the video, the number of cameras required, location, and graphics

Wedding Video- 800- 1400 USD

Small business/ Freelance – 500-1200USD

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